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With the warm intention of inviting immigrants from different regions of the world, the United States pleasantly accepts the petitions of these immigrants to increase and preserve the heritage of opportunity and freedom of the land.

The decision to acquire US Citizenship is as prestigious as it is significant in a person’s life. This decision highlights the loyalty and commitment to the United States of any individual and its Constitution. It grants many benefits, including privileges and rights to becoming a United States Citizen.

The Advantages of Acquiring Citizenship of the United States

By acquiring US Citizenship, you will be delegated with various benefits for your life. He is given the right to participate in the elections, which is a right as a citizen of a country. If you are interested in traveling, you can do so safely through a United States passport. You may also apply to become a federal employee by having your United States Citizenship.

By having United States Citizenship, your foreign-born children automatically acquire US Citizenship. And being a Citizen of the United States, you are granted the right to bring your partner and family to the United States.

If you process your Permanent Residency in the United States, you will face certain limitations of being able to leave the United States. With the lapse of time the status of your Citizenship will be reflected.

Otherwise, a US citizen will not have a similar quandary when leaving the country. Get benefits like Medicare and Social Security when you achieve US Citizenship. In case you already have the Citizenship and these benefits serve you, you must process them and do not let time pass.

Form N-400 Application for Citizenship of the United States

The N-400 form is used to apply for Citizenship of the United States through naturalization. Individuals with a Green Card who meet the necessary requirements may apply for US Citizenship through the N-400 form.

The requirements for applying for United States Citizenship

Individuals applying for US Citizenship through the N-400 form must comply with the following:

The individual

  • Must be over 18 years of age;
  • The status of the individual must be a Permanent Resident in the United States for at least the previous 5 years. But if he marries a US citizen, the individual must only reside for 3 years to be eligible to apply for United States Citizenship.
  • By the aforementioned period, the person had to remain within the United States,
  • Knowledge of basic English is essential;
  • To be a person of unblemished ethical character.
  • Must possess the main knowledge of the history and Government of the United States; Y
  • You must take an oath of allegiance.
The Process to Obtain Citizenship of the United States

If you meet all the requirements to apply for US Citizenship, the next step is to apply for US Citizenship through the N-400 form through the Naturalization process.

The application must be sent to the USCIS. For purposes of compliance and data certainty in applications, the USCIS will make an initial reference when processing its application through the N-400 form.

The USCIS will send you a notice of knowledge of your request, when it begins the process of your request. At the Application Support Center (ASC), you will be scheduled for an interview appointment. You will be subject to biometric services within the ASC. After taking your fingerprints, the FBI will proceed with your background check.

Then the citizenship test and its interview will be applied later. Through these steps, the understanding of the applicant is evaluated, in the matter of the American English language, awareness of the North American Government and its history.
When these steps are completed, individuals will be invited to the swearing-in ceremony. Here they are required to take this oath. At the conclusion of this process, the individual is considered a citizen of the United States.

Benefits of using our service
  • Our goal is to facilitate the process of United States Citizenship for people who wish to acquire it, making our methodology the easiest to understand and to fill their applications without errors.
  • At the time of using our service, applicants will be able to ensure that your application is properly filled out to be sent to the USCIS. And the moment your application is under review, you will have fewer setbacks in the process of the process and this saves you time and money.
  • We ensure that your processing is processed in the most timely manner, as your application will be filled correctly and this will minimize any setbacks and inconvenience to the USCIS or to you in case you are returned.
  • To know where to send your application and what documents must be attached, ask our advisors who will give you the best attention and directions to continue with your process.
  • Our service is available through email and telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are always at your service, and look forward to your call.
Fee Details

Line Preparation Fee: $ 101
USCIS Processing Fee: $ 640
Bio-metric Fee: $ 85

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